Dr. Vo offers gentle chiropractic adjustments, effective cold laser therapy, physiotherapy, and massage therapy.
Dr. Vo provides comprehensive services including:
•Personal Injury Care
•Acute Injury Care
•Sports Injury Care
•Wellness Care
•Family Care
•Orthopedic Exams and Neurological Exams
•Worker’s Compensation
Conditions that Dr. Vo successfully treats include:
•Low back pain
•Neck and shoulder pain
•Headaches and migraines
•Carpal tunnel syndrome
•Sprains and strains
•Herniated discs
The following is a list of services offered and techniques utilized in the clinic:
•Cold Laser Therapy
•Electrical Muscle Stimulation
•Heat/Ice applications
•Pain Neutralization Technique
•Gonstead Technique
•Diversified Technique
•Full Spine Specific Technique
•Activator Methods
•Extremity Adjusting Technique
•Static and Kinetic Palpation
•Active Release Technique
•Myofascial Release
•Nutritional Counseling


We accept most health insurance plans. Please contact our office to verify your chiropractic benefits.