“I was getting nowhere with pain medications and physical therapy for my low back pain and spasms. My therapist recommended Dr. Vo and after 5-6 visits I can say I am at least 90% better. It’s very important because I do heavy manual labor and can’t afford to not work. Now I can work and am working without pain! Thanks Doc!”

Scott R., Burlingame

“Working at a desk and computer all day really tightens the neck and hurts the wrists. After a long workers comp mess, I was scheduled for cortisone injections in my neck and possibly surgery in the future. A family friend referred me to Dr. Vo. He took x-rays of my neck (which no other Doctor even offered) and reviewed his findings with me. No other facility has ever spent this much time with me to help me understand my problem and how to fix it. After about two months worth of treatment, I feel like a million bucks. I’m so glad I didn’t go through with the injections and won’t even consider surgery. I hate going to Doctors but Dr. Vo changed that. I don’t hesitate telling my friends and family about him!”

Jennifer O., Redwood City

“I’ve been to other chiropractors and have tried everything under the sun for my frozen shoulder. A co-worker told me she was seeing Dr. Vo and so I gave him a try. I live 30 miles away and it takes me 30 min. (without traffic) to see him! He used the cold laser on my shoulder and some trigger point work and the shoulder pain was gone in 3 days! I was able to lift up my shoulder all the way up over my head. I haven’t done that in a year. That was truly unbelievable!”

Ryan W., Oakland

“I have known about Dr. Vo for a while from friends that have been treated by him but I live so far away it was really hard to go. It takes me over an hour to drive to his office. But after nothing else was helping I finally started his treatment. My chronic neck pain and headaches are 75% better after just a couple of weeks. I don’t know how many Doctor’s offices I pass by going to his office but it is well worth it. I choose everything by personal recommendations. I completely recommend Dr. Vo and his office.”

Mai N., Petaluma

“I was scared to death of chiropractic adjustments but Dr. Vo made me feel very comfortable. I no longer have any fear and have been seeing him for the past 4 years for my regular adjustments.”

Ralph F., Mill Valley

“I never thought it could happen but I sneezed one morning and completely threw out by back. My girlfriend drove me to Dr. Vo’s office and I crawled into his office. I could not stand on my own. After one visit I was 80% better and was able to walk out of the office on my own. Thanks for getting me out of that one!”

Kenneth L., Foster City